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Spark NLP in Action

Spark NLP – English Analyze Spelling & Grammar
NLP Application Case
Healthcare AI Platform
Evaluate sentence grammar
Classify a sentence as grammatically correct or incorrect.
Healthcare AI Platform
Healthcare Datasets
Grammar analysis & Dependency Parsing
Visualize the syntactic structure of a sentence as a directed labeled graph where nodes are labeled with the part of speech tags and arrows contain the dependency tags.
Frictionless Data Center
Spell check your text documents
Spark NLP contextual spellchecker allows the quick identification of typos or spell issues within any text document.
Detect sentences in text
Award Winning AI Platform
Detect sentences in text
Detect sentences from general purpose text documents using a deep learning model capable of understanding noisy sentence structures.
Split and clean text
Spark NLP pretrained annotators allow an easy and straightforward processing of any type of text documents. This demo showcases our Sentence Detector, Tokenizer, Stemmer, Lemmatizer, Normalizer and Stop Words Removal.