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Content by John Snow

Spark NLP is the world’s most widely used NLP library by enterprise practitioners

O’Reilly survey of 1,300 enterprise practitioners ranks Spark NLP as the most widely used AI library in the enterprise after TensorFlow, scikit-learn, keras, and PyTorch. NLP Adoption in the Enterprise...

GDPR and Data Platforms

The report from the House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence is 183 pages long. To quote from it, “All indications suggest that the present status quo will be...
Democratizing AI

Democratizing AI – Build versus Buy for AIML is not Hobson’s Choice

The Internet was revolutionized by a book store named Amazon and search engines du jour. Google ushered in the storage paradigm Amazon Web Services unleashing the 16 digits-to freedom-to-compute era...

Achieving Interoperability and Semantic Data Integration in Our Time

A lot of the time spent in preparing data for analysis is not spent on just formatting data the right way, but also on making sure that data elements from...

Healthcare Data Security, Privacy, Licensing And Compliance

Why is data licensing so, so hard? As a data consumer, I want to easily get and use free open data, and have a straight-forward license for paid proprietary data....