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Building a Future


Healthcare data heroes are currently working on personalized medicine, predicting the spread of infectious diseases, building apps to help people manage diabetes, applying data mining to stop fraud and abuse, and a thousand other innovations.

Our mission is to accelerate their progress.

Success requires an ecosystem of companies, each tackling some of the hard problems we must solve to make data driven healthcare a reality. We partner with cutting-edge providers of big data, machine learning, visualization, integration, security and advanced analytics technology, to continuously test that our products just work for you out of the box.

Our Customers and Partners


Leaders and innovators in healthcare software, big data & data science

Big Data

Optimized data formats for Hadoop, Spark & NoSQL

Solution Integrators

Turnkey data is a key component of an analytics stack

Data Philanthropy

We help heroes improve the world faster

Data Science

Unique data & metadata properties for feature engineering

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