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Spark NLP in Action

Spark NLP – English Infer Meaning & Intent
Summarize text
Summarize text to make it shorter while retaining meaning.
Healthcare Data
NLP In Healthcare
Understand intent and actions in general commands
Extract intents in general commands related to music, restaurants, movies.
Healthcare AI Platform
Healthcare Datasets
Infer word meaning from context
Compare the meaning of words in two different sentences and evaluate ambiguous pronouns.
Frictionless Data Center
AI & NLP Awards
Assess relationship between two sentences
Evaluate the relationship between two sentences or text fragments to identify things such as contradictions, entailments and premises & hypotheses
Detect similar sentences
Detect similar sentences
Detect similar sentences
Automatically compute the similarity between two sentences using Spark NLP Universal Sentence Embeddings.
Frictionless Data Center
Automatically answer questions
Automatically generate answers to questions with & without context
Normalize dates
Terminology Data Catalog
Understand questions about Airline Traffic
Automatically detect key entities related to airline traffic, such as departure and arrival times and locations.