Connecticut Sales and Use Tax per Town

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This dataset shows the sales and use tax data, by quarter, by town, disaggregated by North America Industrial Classification (NAICS) groups by the Department of Revenue Services.


This dataset contains statistics of taxable sales and taxable purchases made during the first to the fourth quarter of 2017. These taxable sales and taxable purchases are reported by businesses to the Office of State Tax Commissioner on quarterly sales tax returns.

Connecticut raised the sales and use tax rate to 6.35% in July, 2011. This dataset is updated annually so that all four quarters of a calendar year are available at once. This list reflects the tax collected at 6.35%, 7%, and 7.75% rates, where applicable.

Retailers with more than one establishment usually report all of their sales and use taxes from their primary location; therefore the amounts for various towns may not reflect actual business activity.

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Comparison of Taxable Sales and Purchases, Sales and Tax by NAICS

YearYear of Sales Taxdate-
Period_QuarterQuarter (Quarter 1, Quarter 2, Quarter 3, Quarter 4)string-
Periods_Ending_MonthEnding period Monthstring-
MunicipalityMunicipality area namestring-
NAICS_Industry_CodeNorth America Industrial Classification industry codestring-
Taxpayer_CountTotal number of taxpayerintegerlevel : Ratio
Retail_Sales_of_GoodsSale price of goodsnumber-
Total_Tax_Due_Percentage_1Total tax due at the percentage of 6.35numberlevel : Ratio
Total_Tax_Due_Percentage_2Total tax due at the percentage of 7numberlevel : Ratio
Total_Tax_Due_Percentage_3Total tax due at the percentage of 7.75numberlevel : Ratio
LatitudeLatitude location of the NAICS industrynumber-
LongitudeLongitude location of the NAICS industrynumber-
YearPeriod QuarterPeriods Ending MonthMunicipalityNAICS Industry CodeTaxpayer CountRetail Sales of GoodsTotal Tax Due Percentage 1Total Tax Due Percentage 2Total Tax Due Percentage 3LatitudeLongitude
2013Quarter 1JAN to MARALL MUNICIPALITIES110 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting191615636133.95767233.730.0
2013Quarter 1JAN to MARALL MUNICIPALITIES220 Utilities288955563046.027471563.733328.29
2013Quarter 1JAN to MARALL MUNICIPALITIES230 Construction21369490420533.027617028.2235043.6
2013Quarter 1JAN to MARALL MUNICIPALITIES310 Manufacturing132925074124500.039440043.2214997.99
2013Quarter 1JAN to MARALL MUNICIPALITIES420 Wholesale Trade78947056719362.037008519.6385486.79
2013Quarter 1JAN to MARALL MUNICIPALITIES441 Motor vehicle and parts dealers19661965368879.083945783.34798798.97
2013Quarter 1JAN to MARALL MUNICIPALITIES442 Furniture and home furnishings stores1127278431599.314696464.2214549.57
2013Quarter 1JAN to MARALL MUNICIPALITIES443 Electronics and appliance stores1201344498718.215298426.62414.75
2013Quarter 1JAN to MARALL MUNICIPALITIES44-45 Retail Sector4067812312887211.0379632568.17744382.51
2013Quarter 1JAN to MARALL MUNICIPALITIES444 Building material and garden supply stores919591933852.031472030.82576.59