Wayne County Tax Auction Results

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This dataset shows the list of winning bids on Detroit parcels in the 2017 Wayne County Tax Foreclosure Auction.


The primary reason Wayne County sells tax-defaulted property is to collect delinquent taxes. The back taxes, penalties and interest due are recovered by either:

(1) requiring immediate payment of property taxes by a current property owner via threat of sale or
(2) via a public auction of delinquent property

Anyone that is in good standing with Bid4Assets can participate in a county tax if they register/Sign Up with Bid4Assets and place a deposit by the Bid Deposit date. Interested parties may refer to the Wayne County store front for more details on the types of deposit and the acceptable forms of payment. Properties in the Wayne County tax sale may have other non-county liens against. It is the responsibility of the bidder to perform due diligence on the property and to determine the liabilities that may exist on a property before bidding. If anyone bids and wins a property, they are legally responsible to purchase the property.

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City of Detroit


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Wayne County Treasurer, Tax Auction Results in 2017

Parcel_IDThe unique identifier assigned for record purposestring-
Property_AddressAddress of the auctioned propertystring-
Parcel_Zip_CodeZIP Code of the propertyintegerlevel : Nominal
Starting_BidStarting bid amount of propertynumber-
Winning_BidWinning bid amount of propertynumber-
Deed_NameName of the person on the deedstring-
Deed_AddressAddress of the person on the deedstring-
Deed_CityCity of the person on the deedstring-
Deed_State_AbbreviationThe abbreviated name of state for person on the deedstring-
Deed_StateThe full name of state for the person on the deedstring-
Deed_CountryThe name of country for the person on the deedstring-
Deed_Zip_CodeZIP Code for the person on the deedstring-
Deed_DateDate when deed was madedate-
Bidder_NumberNumber assigned to the bidderintegerlevel : Nominal
Bidder_NameName of the bidderstring-
Bidder_AddressAddress of the bidderstring-
Bidder_CityBidder citystring-
Bidder_State_AbbreviationThe abbreviated name of state for the bidderstring-
Bidder_StateThe full name of state for the bidderstring-
Bidder_CountryThe name of country for the bidderstring-
Bidder_Zip_CodeZIP Code of the bidderstring-
Parcel_LatitudeLatitude location of the propertynumber-
Parcel_LongitudeLongitude location of the propertynumber-
1301548918493 Bloom482345400130014006609Marion Rutland18615 MoenartDetroitMIMichiganUnited States4823442.42935182-83.04932290
190043463082 Hurlbut482144200440014019896Joseph Stringer14758 MillerTaylorMIMichiganUnited States4818042.37167539-82.98773514
140068888553 Quincy48204690070014017954Kenneth Williams15517 HartwellDetroitMIMichiganUnited States4822742.36271620-83.12096155
100038892711 Leslie48238790050014023173Ramel Howard1844 Crowndale LaneCantonMIMichiganUnited States4818842.38840544-83.12135716
1301597118621 Moenart4823412800520014006609Marion Rutland18615 MoenartDetroitMIMichiganUnited States4823442.43016861-83.05036597
120041442964 Leslie482387200720014023173Ramel Howard1844 Crowndale LaneCantonMIMichiganUnited States4818842.38809171-83.12359476
210422615546 Fairview482132330050014017954Kenneth Williams15517 HartwellDetroitMIMichiganUnited States4822742.39015434-82.98916366
210378053730 Garland4821466005005514018465Kj Chambers124 PasadenaHighland ParkMIMichiganUnited States4820342.37560189-82.98764737
220759127635 Ashton482286000440014017037James Venson20089 WoodsideHarper WoodsMIMichiganUnited States4822542.34759782-83.21755264
200000188122 Medina48217320090014022710Roderick Blackmon529 FrazierRiver RougeMIMichiganUnited States4821842.29101683-83.11457972