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Spark NLP for Healthcare

What’s in the Box

Spark NLP for Healthcare in action


Assertion Status Detection

Entity Recognition

Biomedical Entity Resolution

State Of The Art Accuracy

F-Score Results

Production-Grade, Fast & Trainable Implementation of State-of-the-Art Biomedical NLP Research

Proven success across healthcare


• Patient Flow Forecasting;
• Prior Authorizations;
• Mining Missed Patient Safety Events.


• Fact extraction from pathology reports;
• Critical Findings in Radiology Reports;
• Detecting Undiagnosed Depression.

Drug Development

• Clinical Trial Recruiting;
• Knowledge Graph from Biomedical Literature;
• Predicting Drug Adverse Events.

Revenue Cycle

• Home Health Coding Productivity;
• Automated E/M Clinical Coding;
• Fraud Detection on Clinical Notes.

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