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Finance NLP

State of the art NLP for the Financial Industry

The most widely used NLP library in Finance

As with last year’s survey, Spark NLP is the most popular library for production use

Gradient Flow 2021 NLP Survey
Which NLP Libraries does your organization use in production?
Spark NLP Adoption by Industry
Healthcare + Pharmaceuticals


Financial Services


Proven Success across Finance

Vakilsearch Understands Scanned Legal & Tax Forms Using John Snow Labs

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A unified CV, OCR, and NLP approach for scalable document understanding at DocuSign

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Spark NLP in action: intelligent, high-accuracy fact extraction from long financial documents

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Accelerating clinical risk adjustment through Natural Language Processing

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Text Classification into a Hierarchical Market Taxonomy using Spark NLP at Bitvore

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ESG Document Classification

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What’s in the Box

State-of-the-art software + over 100 pre-trained finance-specific models

Finance NLP in Action

Name Entity Recognition

Extract Organizations, People, Locations, and many other entities from long, free-text financial documents.

Extract Financial Relationships

Automatically identify relationships between companies, products, and people – even when they are mentioned using aliases.

Normalization & Data Augmentation

Enrich extracted company names with additional NASDAQ information.

Classify Financial Text

Classify texts into 77 banking-related categories like credit reports, mortgages, money transfers and more.

Financial Sentiment Analysis

Identify positive, negative or neutral sentiments in financial news.

Financial De-identification

De-identify and mask sensitive personal information in documents and images.

Table Understanding

Finance NLP includes Zero-shot Table Understanding. Ask questions to your tables using Natural Language and get answers to them.

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