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Medical Chatbot

Build your private chat experience that explains its answers, shares no data, and is trained on your own data and tasks

Healthcare-specific LLM’s are More Accurate than General-purpose LLM’s

Clinical Note Summarization

is 30% more accurate than BART, Flan-T5 and Pegasus.

Clinical Entity Recognition

John Snow Labs’ models make half the errors that ChatGPT does.

Extracting ICD-10-CM Codes

is done with a 76% success rate versus 26% for GPT-3.5 and 36% for GPT-4.

Ask Questions
that Medical Professionals Care about

Answering Clinical Questions
Answering Biomedical Questions

Train On Your Own Data

  • Load All Data: The Multi-Modal systems accepts structured data, unstructured text, PDF documents, and custom data formats.
  • Freshness: Always ensure your users get the latest answers. Update documents in near-real-time without retraining the whole system.
  • Scale: Ready to process millions or billions of documents. Scale the cluster to fit your needs.

Add Industry Data

Pre-load the knowledge base and pre-train the model with 2,300+ reference datasets curated by medical domain experts – including hundreds of terminologies, medical research, clinical trials, patents, population health, cost, public and regulatory data.
Expert curated
Always up to date
Clean & validated

Get Started

The Medical Chatbot is delivered as a 12-week implementation project that includes:

Installation & configuration of a cluster on your own infrastructure

Data integration, processing, and knowledge base creation

Instruction tuning of the large language models to your prioritized tasks