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How Data Philanthropy is Bridging the Gap Between Tech and Social Good

Although we have a huge amount of data, still we are not able to fully address the needs of underrepresented and underserved populations around the world. An issue that the...
Data Philanthropy

Data Philanthropy: The Need For More Data Scientists for Social Good

If you have the skills to work as a data scientist then there are lots of job opportunities waiting for you in the Data Philanthropy sector. Have you ever observed...

Data Philanthropy Needs Private And Public Partnerships

The first decade of the new millennium saw the rise of the digital technology and its worldwide positive impact. Having said that, the digitalization has displayed some unforeseen and inexplicable...
Data Philanthropy

Data Philanthropy – How John Snow Labs Pledges 1%

Data is a commodity. The data collected by pharmaceutical companies from drug testing, retailers from shoppers, telephone carriers from mobile devices — all that information is valuable. What’s more, the...
Data For Social Good

Data For Social Good And Its Use In Oncology

In the last decade, the outstanding development in the skills to analyze and process the Data has proved ‘Good’ for various social causes. Data For Social Good is a very hot...