Washington Dental Loss Ratios

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This dataset serves as a dental insurance summary database for Performance Year (PY) 2015-2016. This dataset is cumulative at the company level as reported to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).


Insurance industry dental loss ratios (DLRs) represent expenditures for patient services as a percentage of total premium dollars. A well-managed dental insurance plan allows maximal dollars toward patient care and the least amount toward administrative overhead.

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), medical insurance plans are required to minimally operate at an 85% medical loss ratio (MLR) for larger carriers and 80% MLR for smaller health insurance companies. Dental insurance is quite different than medical insurance in fundamental ways. Potential dental insurance company losses for payout of patient benefits are far more actuarially predictable. Most dental insurance companies impose yearly maximal payouts limited to only $1,000 to $1,500. Medical insurance may be on the hook for unlimited sums, in the event of catastrophic illness. In fact, few if any dental plans cover catastrophic events or major oral rehabilitation.

Dental insurance plans focus coverage on low-cost preventive care. The least percentage coverage is for more involved restorative treatments, like crowns and fixed bridge work. Further, many dental plans disallow payments for implant services altogether.

Note: While the data is for a company’s total (national) business, only those companies that report having health premiums in the state of Washington are included in this listing.

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Dental Plans in Washington Market, Dental Plans in Market

Company_NameName of enrolled companystring-
CocodeFive-digit number that uniquely identifies an insurance companyintegerlevel : Nominal
State_AbbreviationState abbreviation of the company’s legal residencestring-
Business_TypeLine of business under which an insurance company is licensed by its State of Domicile. L=Life P=Property/Casualty X=Healthstring-
YearPlan Year represented by the rowdate-
Dental_PremiumsPremiums earned for the year from Dental policies that provide only dental treatment benefits.number-
Dental_PaymentsDirect costs incurred providing dental treatment benefits excluding administrative costs.number-
Dental_MembersThe total number of lives insured, including dependents, under individual policies and group certificates as of December 31 of the reporting year.integerlevel : Ratio
Dental_Member_MonthsThe sum of total number of lives insured on a pre-specified day of each month of the reported year.integerlevel : Ratio
Dental_Loss_RatioRatio of dental loss per yearnumberlevel : Ratio
Average_Amount_of_PremiumsAverage Amount of Premiums per Member per Monthnumber-
Previous_Year_Average_Amount_of_PremiumsPrevious Year Average Amount of Premiums per Member per Monthnumber-
Percentage_Change_in_Average_PremiumsPercentage Change in Average Premiums per Member per Month from Previous Yearnumberlevel : Ratio
Company NameCocodeState AbbreviationBusiness TypeYearDental PremiumsDental PaymentsDental MembersDental Member MonthsDental Loss RatioAverage Amount of PremiumsPrevious Year Average Amount of PremiumsPercentage Change in Average Premiums
Jackson National Life Insurance Company65056MIL20161974625871.056690131.028.6229.39-2.6
Jackson National Life Insurance Company65056MIL20152168717363.05973880.129.39
HORACE MANN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY64513ILL2015801651.0678040.69.97
HORACE MANN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY64513ILL201610175240.0718522.011.949.9719.8
Western United Life Assurance Company85189WAL20165233242703.0197133782.039.1437.434.6
Western United Life Assurance Company85189WAL20155108638831.0213136576.037.43
LIBERTY NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY65331NEL2016476697136.0110142215.033.5229.812.5
THE PAUL REVERE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY67598MAL20168904549025.0260157855.056.434.061291.4
FAMILY LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY63053TXL20155829449897.0189171485.634.01